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Have Fun with Us!

Staying home can be boring for the elderly, but our nursing home in Georgia can spice things up for them. We engage our clients in fun and healthy activities that will keep them active and feeling their best. Here’s why it is important for seniors to remain active even in their golden years: It helps … Continue reading

Need Help with Your Elderly?

Many of us have jobs we need to go to in order to provide for our families, and as much as we would like to be around our elderly loved ones all the time, it’s just not possible. This is why having an extra pair of hands to help is a must. If you are … Continue reading

How to Positively Deal with Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is irreversible, but it can be positively managed by a trained, dedicated, and compassionate provider of homecare in Atlanta, Georgia. To maintain a sharp mind and active memory, you can let your elderly loved one do the following: Do what they love Let them read their beloved novels or magazines. Take a walk … Continue reading

Skincare for People with Incontinence

Good skincare is very important for people with incontinence as urine and feces can damage the skin and cause redness and irritation. This is because urine and feces are more acidic than our skin. The areas that are most commonly affected are around the bottom area, genitals, and inner thighs. Warm, damp skin provides a … Continue reading

Knowing the Common Health Concerns Among Seniors

Longevity is improving in the United States. As a matter of fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that older adults aged sixty-five and above typically live another nineteen years more. But while seniors’ lifespans continue to grow, medical diagnoses still persist in this age group. So, if you are a … Continue reading