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Helping Your Loved Ones Avoid the Winter Blues


Are your senior and physically-handicapped family members consistently feeling more than a bit glum this winter season? They may be suffering from a medical condition known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). If they really are, worry not. As a provider of homecare in Atlanta, Georgia, we, at One-To-One Home Care, LLC have provided a few tips below for you to help your loved ones beat the winter blues:

  • Advise them to eat well and to eat balanced, nutritious meals.
    Most people find it easy to indulge in delicious, but unhealthy, treats. However, you need to know that such foods can interfere with your loved ones’ health. Whether they are living all on their own or in a nursing home in Georgia, it is important that your loved ones focus on getting the proper nutrition that their bodies need in order to boost their energy levels and avoid lethargy.
  • Encourage them to get active on a regular basis.
    Health and medical experts have found that regular exercise, especially if done outside, plays a huge role in warding off depression. Aside from regulating your relatives’ mood, having a good workout outdoors exposes them to natural daylight, which is an important contributor of overall health. Moreover, if they have been confined indoors, outdoor exercise provides them with a pleasant change of scenery even while they receive home care services.
  • Persuade them to remember to keep warm at all times.
    Feeling cold can make a person feel more depressed, so it is important that your loved ones remain warm. They can stay warm by drinking hot liquids, eating warm meals, and wearing warm clothes and footwear. The National Institutes of Health advises that you see to it that your family members’ homes or rooms are between sixty-four to seventy degrees Fahrenheit (or eighteen and twenty-one degrees Celsius).

If their symptoms are severe to the point that your family members cannot live normal lives, we advise that you promptly consult a healthcare provider.

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