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How Does Senior Isolation Affect Your Loved Ones?

How Does Senior Isolation Affect Your Loved Ones?

While aging alone is an undeniable reality for many members of the geriatric population, it is not something that most elderly individuals relish in. In fact, researchers have discovered that a vast majority of adults over sixty-five years old would rather prefer to age in place with their family or friends. This may be due to the fact that being around other people, whether at home or in a nursing home in Georgia, gives life purpose and offers powerful benefits for a person’s well-being.

Having said that, we recommend that you keep your senior family members exposed to the company of other people on a frequent basis. You can do this by making sure that you and your other family members take every opportunity to spend time with them. Or you could also encourage your elderly relatives to acquire the help of an accredited agency providing homecare in Atlanta, Georgia. Far from being isolated, a company like One-To-One Home Care, LLC. that offers companionship services to clients can help your loved ones lower their risk of the following negative effects of isolation:

  • Risk of death
    Social isolation is strongly correlated with an increased risk of mortality for older adults. Because of the lack of social contacts, there are fewer individuals to call for help in case they develop diseases, suffer from accidents, or have to follow up with their primary care providers.
  • Cognitive decline
    Feeling constantly isolated can also result in cognitive decline, especially since human beings are naturally social creatures. Aside from that, seniors who are alone commonly lack the desire to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle, which are significant contributors to remaining in excellent health.
  • Elder abuse
    Isolationism increases your loved ones’ risk of falling victim to maltreatment and elder abuse. It is recommended, therefore, that you check in on your elderly relatives every now and then and encourage them to report any instances of neglect, abuse, or exploitation.

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