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How to Create a Caregiver Emergency Plan (Part 1)

How to Create a Caregiver Emergency Plan (Part 1)

No caregiver would like to think of the worst things that could happen to themselves, but emergencies happen every day. From health problems to an untimely care accident, caregivers may face crises of their own. It is important for home health services providers to prepare patients for the unexpected.

A solid caregiver emergency plan should include the following information on physicians and medications, as well as providers for homecare in Atlanta, Georgia, who can be contacted immediately in case of emergency.

Organize Your Loved One’s Information

Organize all your senior loved one’s medical and legal information and create a binder of information that will allow another family member or friend to step in and take over. At a minimum, your binder should include:

  • Copies of legal documents.

    These include copies of insurance cards and a copy of their long-term care insurance policy if the senior has this type of insurance.

  • Medication list and schedule.

    Include a list of what medications the older adult takes, which physicians prescribed them, the pharmacy where they are filled, and the schedule for when they should be taken.

  • Physician and medical information.

    A few examples are a list of their physicians and appropriate contact information, a medical history (surgeries, past illnesses, and chronic diseases), and copies of treatment notes and physician visit summaries.

  • Daily routine notes.

    If your family member has a structured routine or a special diet they need to adhere to, including detailed notes in this section. Make it as easy as you can for your senior loved one’s schedule to be maintained.

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For more information on how you can prepare yourself and your loved one for the transition to homecare, don’t hesitate to give us at One-To-One Home Care, LLC a call. We would gladly answer your questions.

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