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How to Create a Caregiver Emergency Plan (Part 2)

How to Create a Caregiver Emergency Plan (Part 2)

There is another crucial element to consider in creating a caregiver backup plan and that is to develop a list of who can be counted on as a replacement in taking care of your loved one if you yourself are not able to.

Here are who you should consider:

  • Family and friends.

    Give careful thought to who can step in and help your loved ones on a short-term basis. It might be for a few hours or a few days until a professional caregiver can be dispatched. Include a list of their contact information in your caregiver backup plan.

  • In-home caregivers.

    Local home care services are another option. Some are even able to provide around-the-clock care. Before an emergency occurs, sit down with a few agencies and come up with a list of two or three you feel comfortable with. Add their information to your backup binder.

  • Senior living communities.

    Many nursing homes in Georgia offer short-term respite care for those who need it. Take time to research and visit communities near your senior loved one’s residence. Come up with one or two options that you feel comfortable about and work with them to get a list of items they need before your loved one could take advantage of a short-term stay.

Our final suggestion is to go over this information with trusted friends and family. Make sure they know where to find the binder and understand the steps they need to take in case of an emergency. Properly brief them about the information you have collected and leave them with step-by-step instructions if need be.

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