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Hypothermia: Winter’s Secret Danger to the Elderly

Hypothermia Winter's Secret Danger to the Elderly

As temperatures plunge during this time of the year, you need to watch out for winter’s secret danger to senior adults—hypothermia. Hypothermia can be fatal as it occurs when one’s body temperature drops due to exposure to the cold. While it can happen to virtually anyone, the elderly, like those living in a nursing home in Georgia, are especially at risk. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 600 seniors die from this condition on a yearly basis.

You do not have to be outdoors or to live in a particularly chilly region for your body temperature to dip dangerously low. An agency providing homecare in Atlanta, Georgia will tell you that many factors can make you susceptible to hypothermia. These can include dealing with a chronic disease that can affect your awareness of your own body’s condition, taking certain medications that can change how your body regulates temperature, and an inability to communicate that you feel cold. Keeping warm may also be a huge problem for individuals living on limited means since heating bills can increase during the winter season.

If you are worried that your loved ones may be exhibiting signs of hypothermia without you knowing about it, you need not worry. We at One-To-One Home Care, LLC have listed down some signs and symptoms that you will have to watch out for:

  • A swollen face
  • Decreased body coordination
  • Slower breathing and heart rates

Take appropriate precautions to ensure your loved ones’ safety throughout the season. Consider hiring a provider of home care services to assist them.

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