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Skincare for People with Incontinence

Skincare for People with Incontinence

Good skincare is very important for people with incontinence as urine and feces can damage the skin and cause redness and irritation. This is because urine and feces are more acidic than our skin. The areas that are most commonly affected are around the bottom area, genitals, and inner thighs.

Warm, damp skin provides a good place for bacteria to grow, and so can cause fungal and urinary tract infections.

Subscribing to quality home care services can be a smart choice, especially for individuals who can no longer take care of their personal hygiene. There are many providers that offer personal care services designed specifically to make it easier for older adults to keep clean.

One-to-One Home Care, LLC is one of the places that provide homecare in Atlanta, Georgia. If you are interested in acquiring our services, you can easily contact us at 770-694-1777 or 678-981-4615 and we can talk about addressing your loved one’s needs.

Apart from these obvious solutions, we have other tips and tricks in maintaining your loved one’s healthy skin:

  • Keep skin clean and dry. If you or your loved one has an accident, it is important to clean and dry the area as soon as possible to avoid irritation. Try to pat the skin dry rather than rubbing, as rubbing can agitate irritated skin and may cause infection.
  • Do not use strong disinfectants or perfumed moisturizers in this area, as these can add to skin irritation.
  • If you are using a pad, nursing homes in Georgia suggest that you change it frequently, so that a damp pad is not in contact with the skin for long periods. Many pads now have a guideline on them which shows up when the pad is near to its full capacity and needs to be changed.
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