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Things You Ought to Know About Dementia


According to WebMD, around five percent to eight percent of adults aged 65 experience some form of dementia. Dementia does not only refer to one disease. It is an umbrella term describing a group of symptoms that affect an individual’s cognitive abilities severely enough that they cannot engage in or perform daily activities.

Patients with dementia need specialized home care services that can provide them with the quality of support and care that their unique conditions require. This is because the damage to brain cells causes problems in their abilities to think, to speak, to feel, to perceive things, and to behave.

Symptoms may vary from one patient to another since there are different types of dementia which may also be caused by different factors. A nursing home in Georgia usually cares for patients who exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty remembering and concentrating

  • Struggles in performing familiar daily activities

  • Issues with communication and language

  • Problems in judging distances

  • Trouble controlling their emotions

Symptoms of dementia progress over time. The degree of damage will vary from patient to patient. However, while there is no cure yet for dementia, patients can still lead active, purposeful lives. Receiving homecare in Atlanta, Georgia, for instance, can help them in managing their daily lives since compassionate caregivers are there to support them as they continue to do the things that matter most to them. There are also treatments available that may help improve their quality of life.

At One-To-One Home Care, LLC, we provide high-quality and client-centered care for clients with dementia. Our goal is to help them live dignified and independent lives in the safety of their homes. Get in touch with us.

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